Sunday, March 18, 2012

ZenTiger Chronic Gore Condition

Is Climate Change responsible for madness or, maybe madness is responsible for climate change? The latter might explain some of the Climate Change press releases.

Already trained psychiatrists seem to be diagnosing some of the more ardent members of the Green Party, Greenpeace and large portions of the the University of East Anglia as being deranged:
Climate change is making people mad.

More than a quarter of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in a recent study in Australia were found to have obsessions which directly related to climate change. The majority were male.

The patients were found to be carrying out rituals, such as checking lights, stoves and taps were turned off, so they could reduce their global footprint.

And Australian psychiatrists have discovered the first case of climate change delusion.

Dr Joshua Wolf and Dr Robert Salo, of the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, treated a 17-year-old who was convinced that if he drank water, millions of people would die of thirst.

His case was reported in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

According to the government's climate change website, New Zealand is "likely to see an increase in temperature of over 1C by 2050 and of more than 2C (compared with 1990 levels) by the end of the century. There are likely to be fewer frost days in winter and more hot days in summer".

The study, which investigated whether climate change has impacted on the nature of obsessions or compulsions experienced by 50 people with OCD, found many were performing rituals such as checking for electricity, water and gas wastage, and making sure light switches, taps and stoves were off.

Two participants were convinced increased air temperatures would result in rapid evaporation of the water leading to their pets dying of thirst if they didn't check that the water bowls were full.

Another patient was continually checking skirting boards, pipes, roofs and wooden structures for problems they were convinced were caused by global warming.

Study authors Mairwen Jones, Bethany Wootton, Lisa Vaccaro and Ross Menzies said: "While these behaviours are not particularly unusual for people with this condition, it was the rationale they provided for carrying them out that was surprising.

"Instead of checking and rechecking so as to prevent fire or flood, the rituals were specifically performed so as to reduce their global footprint, or respond to climate change-induced negative events.

"While it is not particularly surprising that some people with OCD may have concerns related to climate change, what is surprising is the extent of these concerns."
Has science come up for a name for this condition as yet? Perhaps "Chronic Gore Condition"?

Source Article Here: Climate Change Anxiety

And story behind graphic here: Top 10 Annoyances in Climate Change Debate

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kowtow said...

First point:everyone seems to be out to make money out of this global warming scam. Now the psycho quacks have jumped on the band wagon.

Next point; look at the blanket coverage that AGW is given.Al bore's Lie movie was on TV1 last night for example. Every weather event that is reported is "extreme" and quickly tied to AGW. TV7 seems to always have som "doco" or other about this,
It's in schools, the government endorses it ,churches are now at it.Green parties around the world seem to be getting more influence and coverage.Even "conservatives" have bought into it. News papers have environmental reporters etc.

It's no wonder that people of weak constitution succumb to this modern madness.

And if you want to accurately measure how mental a society is look for the percentage of green party voters.

KG said...

We're about to cop the edges of a Gulf cyclone here, with widespread flooding.
I blame the aircon and our diesel car.

ZenTiger said...

Fair enough. If the blow gets a bit strong, I suggest turning the Aircon down to "2".

If that doesn't work, then my theory on AGW might prove to be accurate. The amount of bullsh*t being generated by the UNIPCC is generating an unprecedented amount of hot air. If we can just cut down on conference emissions we might be able to pull back from the brink.

Otherwise, refer my recent tweet on the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I'd always suspected that the weak minded were the ones falling for AGW theory.

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