Friday, March 9, 2012

Andrei Rihanna goes topless to catch a Ugandan warlord

Joseph Kony is a very very bad man who has caused a great many deaths and much human misery over the past thirty years.

A viral video has bought him to predominance in the past twenty four hours or so. Awareness has been raised, as they say.

But of course raised awareness™  will do absolutely nothing to catch the man who is apparently holed up somewhere in a remote and isolated part the Congo or is it a remote and isolated part of the Southern Sudan, who knows.

You can make yourself feel better about it all by watching a viral video and perhaps buying a $30 bracelet you can wear to show how much you care.

And if you are a celebrity you can raise awareness™  by tweeting a topless photo of yourself.

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I.M Fletcher said...

That Kony video is so damn slick - I bet it wasn't made on the cheap; it has all sorts of CGI and effects.
It makes an emotional appeal that is hard to resist as well, with the young son of the video maker.

For those who haven't seen it, in the video he sits down with his young son and tries to explain who Kony is and what he's done and questions his son what they should do about it all.

I'd really love to see him try and explain abortion to his kid - about all those other 'silent children' that are being killed for reasons of convenience , and ask him what we should do about that little problem.

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