Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Andrei Has the Western world jumped the shark?


The debt per capita for citizens of the United States $49,712.40! The total debt grows by $4 billion dollars a day.

So what is the pressing issue on the minds of American leaders? Forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraception in a country awash with contraceptives - where they are handed out like candy to anybody who wants them.

America is in the process of loosing two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan - so what is it doing? Putting soldiers into pregnancy empathy bellies so they can understand how pregnant soldiers feel!

And England is no better as Europe stumbles through the so called debt crisis and several European Nations are on the brink of civil war the pressing issue of the day is .....

"Gay" marriage - I kid you not.

The children of the sixties, a generation whose name will echo in historical infamy throughout the ages.

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Anonymous said...

The battle lines are being drawn up; secularism vs. theism.
Where ever there is an issue, this aspect will pop up.
Even though it may seen trivial to talk about gay marriage in the face of mounting debt, it is worthwhile.

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