Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucia Glen Beck - We are all Catholics now

What a really interesting segment by Glen Beck that I found on Fr Z's site. Fr Z. points out that the demographics of Beck's audience makes the clip even more interesting.

He talks about the Obama Administration’s attacks on the Catholic Church and brings in another wrinkle about the State Department that was not on my radar.

A few quotes from the video:

“I believe the Vatican is actively engage in a very different kind of battle…They are in a spiritual battle…They are gearing up for a spiritual battle unlike anything we have ever seen.”

“Catholics. You have to be… you have to understand. Read Ephesians 6. You have to put on your spiritual armor. You are not battling man. You are not. You are battling evil. This is Obama’s way of saying back off and play ball our way.”

The second quote is in relation to the Obama administration adding the Vatican to it's list of countries that they think are involved in money laundering (ie, doing that put pressure on Catholics).

As for the first quote, yeah, we know. That's why we have the St Michael's prayer on every page of our site.

He ends with the phrase that I believe several Evangelical ministers have now said,

“We are all Catholics now. Tie yourself to something. Strengthen your pastor, priest, rabbi. Strengthen your those in the Catholic Church. Strengthen your priest. If your priest is not telling you these things, ask him why. If he doesn’t have a good answer, ask the bishop. If he doesn’t have a good answer, go to another parish until you find a priest that will. There is a split in our churches. And you will see it in the Catholics. You must not remain neutral.”

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Anonymous said...

"Non-neutrality" is the most important aspect. Making no choice is making a choice.

jonno1 said...

Glenn Beck is absolutely right, although I suspect he was using the term "catholic" with a small "c" as in the Apostles' Creed: "I believe in...the holy catholic church...". Otherwise it doesn't make any sense in context ("pastor, priest, rabbi").

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Jonno1,

From listening to the whole thing, I thought he meant Catholics because he'd just finished talking about how the Obama Administration is going directly after the Catholic Church because of our hierarchy. Take out the top, and you can take over countries and the world.

Lucia Maria said...

Not that they actually have a chance in succeeding, but that won't stop them from trying and making the lives of a lot of people very uncomfortable in the meantime.

jonno1 said...

Fair enough Lucia, and he certainly made a valid point about the hierarchical structure of the Roman Catholic church providing a focal point at the top. Of course all of christianity is under attack in both financial and moral areas (as exemplified in your next post).

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