Sunday, March 25, 2012

Andrei Why do we keep on voting in these authoritarian nincompoops?

This particular one, Julie Anne Genter, we didn't of course, she is a Green list MP and according to her Wikipedia entry among other things and "expert" on "parking policy". In other words she is hired by city councils to provide them with justification for raising parking fees.

She is of the breed of people who feel it is their God give mission in life to alter other peoples behaviour to accord with their vision of how they want world to be.

And given the opportunity and the power they do this by "sending a price signal", that means in practice making the activity they disapprove more expensive by way of tax or levy - which has the additional beneficial side effect of increasing the coffers of the people who impose the new burden on the long suffering peasantry.

Actually the addition beneficial side effect, the increased revenue, is probably why these creatures are so popular in the hallowed halls of power, be it at the local or national level.

Source: Too much free parking, says MP

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KG said...

An example of just how dimwitted these Green clowns are, from a Twitter feed:
Holly Walker: "Just took the cat to the vet and can report that no-one is following the new rules. It's chaos out there people!
Anon: They don't change until 5am tomorrow, Holly...

KG said...

So Holly was obviously part of the chaos. How apt....

jonno1 said...

I notice the Stuff article also alludes to a possible change to the FBT rules - but in the wrong direction!

As I understand it, if an employer owns the property, their employees can park for free (at the employer's discretion of course), but if the property is leased they must either pass on the lease costs or pay FBT. And NZTA calls the former a tax exemption... words fail me.

Psycho Milt said...

Andrei, you've commented enthusiastically on authoritarian Russians acting against behaviour you disapprove of, in ways a hell of a lot more interventionist than charging for parking.

Andrei said...

To what do you refer PM, to what?

The refusal to grant permits for gay pride parades, perhaps? Is that it?

There is a big difference between a city not granting permits for something that is disruptive, also offensive to by over 90% of the citizens and finding ways to soak law abiding citizens going about their everyday business.


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