Friday, March 16, 2012

Andrei BBC speak - Devout Catholics, equality and dialogue

Good old BBC which can be relied upon to promote any and every liberal insanity has a wonderful piece that is almost beyond satire promoting unnatural marriage.

Follows the usual template, relatively presentable people whine that they are oppressed or hard done by because they cannot "marry" their "partner". They are second class citizens they claim.

Of course being the BBC they find a "devout Catholic", about to be civil unionized gay couple to have their say
"The word 'marriage' is important to me because it would help in fighting for equality.

"I would like to start talking in the same language as heterosexual couples. It will help dialogue."

He believes the Catholic view of marriage - defined as a union between man and woman - is misleading as that has not always been the case.

However, he says the components of traditional marriage - love, family and raising children - are "exactly the reasons why I would like to get married".

"I do want to raise children, to profess my love and be supported by the community."
He wants to raise children - huh? Are his children going to be delivered to him by the stork?

Those of us who are family oriented and who want to raise children, as I and my co-bloggers here have done, find an opposite sex partner who is of a like mind, marry them, and set about procreating and raising the resulting children. And we invest the better part of our adult lives as well as most of our income in doing this.

It's not particularly glamorous, its hard work at times and you don't get invited to the cool parties all that often. And whatever your "sexual identity" might be, presumably in the jargon of these times "straight", "cis-man" or cis-woman" it is really quite unimportant in the scheme of things.

This gay marriage thing is the last gasp of a failing civilization - the man who says he wants "the components of traditional marriage - love, family and raising children" with his same sex partner is expecting somebody else to provide the children for him to raise! Demonstrating both self absorbtion and self entitlement.

Source: Gay marriage: 'Let us be first-class citizens'

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Ciaron said...

After yet another pro gay marriage post on WOBH, I have consigned his link to my rubbish bin. I do not know how one can call ones self Christian and make such an endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you too Ciaron. Same with Kiwiblog. Can't be bothered reading about how abortion is cool and homos are normal anymore. These guys have outdated and barbaric ideas - they are out of touch with reality. New Zealand is evil now because every man does what is right in his own eyes and does not reverence the law of God.

Ciaron said...

I've not commented at KB since December, probably only looked a handfull of times because it really just turns into a shouting match, every. day.

kowtow said...

Don't give up posting on KB. Even if you only pop in briefly,do, and have your say. The media and politicians do monitor it.
By staying silent it will give the impression to the impressionable that there is no opposition or that we have acquiesced. Every voice counts , even to a small degree.
I don't agree with a lot even most of what is on KB and WOBH but at least say so. Otherwise we leave the field wide open. This may sound corney but it's not. How often have you heard foreign journalists say" The taxi driver to the airport said such and such..."
That's how shallow and shit modern journalists are,and that's the so called cream, the foreign appointment ones.So you be the taxi drivers and get your point across.

The so called gay marriage issue is interesting. Even though the traitor Cameron is championing it I notice the comments and votes at the Telegraph (Torygraph) are vastly opposed.His media people won't miss that.

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, I agree with Kowtow in regards to posting on KB. We have to stay involved. As for me, I'm limiting my online involvement for now, but I will get back into it.

Psycho Milt said...

...expecting somebody else to provide the children for him to raise!

Shouldn't be a problem - unwanted children are in constant and plentiful supply the world over.

Andrei said...

Shouldn't be a problem - unwanted children are in constant and plentiful supply the world over.

Normal heterosexual couples struggle to adopt in this day and age Milt.

People do the overseas adoption thing but that is perilous and wrong, they often end up adopting really damaged kids that can't be placed locally.

That's just what you need, a psychologically damaged kid removed from his/her culture and bought up by two gays in a strange land. Happy ever after seems unlikely

dad4justice said...

Thank God for normal people eh psycho melt = "children are in constant and plentiful supply the world over".

Maybe Liberty can explain overflowing male vibes? PLease big bruv shut up and play on kiwisnog.

dad4justice said...

"Don't give up posting on KB."

Haha who would bother, to long hanging there and one will develop a homo lisp.

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