Saturday, March 3, 2012

Andrei I don't think John Wayne would have been impressed

The picture below is as it appears in a New Zealand Herald story about a "gay" Marine.

Their version has been judiciously cropped to reduce its impact upon sensitive souls. Mouseover the picture to reveal it in its full glory.

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kowtow said...

The MSM do this self censoring service for this particular constituency.
A the various parades etc they show what they consider to be the most innocuous shots and never the outrageous. Just in case we might start questioning what's actually going on.

dad4justice said...

Kissing marines from the Aids platoon. FFS the world is a sick place!

Anonymous said...

You're right,of course. John Wayne would not approve. But so what? Who gets their morality from a dead actor?

Like it or not, rightly or wrongly, these are MEN, putting their lives on the line so that armchair warriors can remain free to hurl abuse at them.

Tell me again, in which battles did John Wayne fight?

KG said...

"Who gets their morality from a dead actor?"
JW represented a cultural position which is very dear to a lot of Americans. They didn't "get" their morality from him. Your snarky juvenile comment reveals you for the dishonest scumbag you are.
Second, do you have any evidence whatsoever that the abnormal shit-pusher in DPU is a combat soldier? Because amazingly enough, not every person in uniform is actually involved in combat operations. Not all of them are "putting their lives on the line".
He may well be--you just don't know that for a fact.

In any case, it would be infinitely better to get one's morality from a dead actor than to abandon it on instructions from Party Central, as scumbag leftards such as you appear to have done.

Anonymous said...

kg displays his usual ignorance whining "do you have any evidence whatsoever that the abnormal shit-pusher in DPU is a combat soldier?"

Guess he was too lazy to read the article in the link, or too dumb to read Sergeant Brandon Morgan didn't expect to become a global phenomenon when he kissed his partner upon returning from a six-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Now, that still may not prove he was in a "combat role", but he was certainly in harm's way simply by being a US Marine in Afghanistan.

And THAT is a lot more than KG or Marion Morrison have ever done.

But its OK kg, the Marines will still save your worthless POS ass, because unlike you, they aren't hung up on which bits go where.

kowtow said...

left right out,
How can you speak for the Marines?

...."they aren't hung up..."How do you know?

The Gantt Guy said...

Bwahahaha. A piece of leftist excrement like Malcolm Harbrow presumes to lecture KG on the concept of "harm's way". What a complete idiot. If only you knew, shitferbrains, who you're addressing.

Andrei, I've left a comment on the kitten killers blog supporting your comment on the Alison Mau post from yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Gantt - LRO =/= NRT

But on the John Wayne thing - how do you know? He did become pretty good friends with Rock Hudson.

The Gantt Guy said...

Nope you're right. I mixed up the two leftards. Well, they all look the same anyway, dont they?

And I wasn't commenting on the John Wayne aspect, but on the attack on KG. that the "if only he knew" comment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry Gantt, that second part should have been addressed to Andrei.

The Gantt Guy said...

We can call it a draw then. :)

Oswald Bastable said...

'Now pilgrim- I KNOW they hang ya for that where I hail from...'

Oswald Bastable said...

LRO- Do you KNOW KG's service record?

I would bet all I own it stacks higher than yours- and I have no idea who you are.

Andrei said...

LRO - I could have used George Patton in the headline or perhaps Harry S Truman, JFK etc.

John Wayne has a ring though being as he was a Hollywood actor the likes of which we do not see today.

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