Sunday, March 11, 2012

Andrei Irresponsible daddies are making New Zealanders Obese

Over paid (by you) upper middle class twits continue to push their obsessions
Dads' lazy eating habits are partly to blame for childhood obesity in New Zealand, a leading paediatric health researcher says.

Professor Barry Taylor hopes his latest research will get to the bottom of the alarmingly increasing rate of childhood obesity.

About 20 per cent of New Zealand children are regarded as overweight, with a further 10 per cent considered obese.

Taylor, head of paediatrics at the Dunedin School of Medicine, is investigating methods to prevent rapid weight gain in early childhood.
He's got a 2.3 million grant to fund his latest research but he has already decided that blue top milk should not be given to children.
"I'll often find that the father has insisted on having [full fat] blue-label milk because they don't like the [low fat] green-label. Even though it's been recommended for many years after the age of two that you should not drink blue milk because of the calories."
How long before they ban blue top milk do you suppose or put a tax on it to make it more expensive than the milk that meets their approval.

These people are over educated buffoons - the reason why more people are obese in this country now is because nobody is starving to death anymore - its progress.

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KG said...

Nobody is starving and an awful lot of people aren't exercising either.
Energy in exceeds energy out=obesity.

Research into this pretty simple fact is now a multi-million dollar industry.

Psycho Milt said...

$2.3 million given to a moron like this would have been better off flushed down the toilet - less paperwork.

kowtow said...

There's no way you'd get a couple of million bucks for coming up with the simple answer of exercise ,KG,as you stated.
I wouldn't give my kids any other milk than blue.If it's not blue ,it's not milk. And if you don't give your kids milk, then your'e not feeding 'em right.
So they come up with bullshit.
They need to worry about the absent Dads

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