Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Andrei The EU's citizens must be sensitive little petals

The European Union made this advertisement promoting growth of the Union.

Then promptly withdrew it.
Because it is "racist" apparently.

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KG said...

I found it chilling, not because of the alleged racism, but rather, for the plainly collectivist tone of the thing.

regger said...

I spent more time studying the clever circle/map logo at the end - at least it has a geographical awareness payoff. Quiz time!

Ciaron said...

Looks like they have ripped off the bride from Kill Bill.

kowtow said...

I thought the thrust of the ad was"together we can keep foreigners out". Now that would be fine but as the EU is doing nothing about illegal immigration ,then the ad is simply misleading.

At the end of the ad when it shows the map of Europe look at the huge circle that I believe shows TURKEY!!!!

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