Monday, March 12, 2012

Andrei Homosexual having a tanty in church

By way of background, the "Conservative" government of England has started the process to legislate unnatural marriage.

The Catholic Bishops of the England are opposed and issued a letter to be read at Mass on Sunday.

Here is what happened in one church yesterday.

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kowtow said...

If these "activists" pulled that stunt in a salafist mosque I might have some respect for them . But of course the "activism" extends only to safe places of protests like a Christian congregation.

Andrei said...

That fool thinks he triumphed because the priest didn't read the letter from the pulpit.

Idiot he just made sure that everybody in the congregation actually read it to see what he was making a fuss about.

Joe Q. Public said...

The Catholic Church is a hate group and the people that remained silent were all that was needed for evil to triumph.
You gotta love a guy in a purple dress getting ready to lay down the law on homosexuality...

kowtow said...

Good piece on the subject from the UK Telegraph.

JJ said...

Joe public calls the church a hate group - we truly live in a time where darkness is called light and vice versa!

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