Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lucia Interview with Rodney Hide very weird

The weirdest thing in whole interview was that Rodney Hide organised Don Brash's coup against him.

I'm just like, what the???

It really asks more questions than it answers.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

To comprehend, you need to understand both people and politics.

I thought it was a superb interview.

ZenTiger said...

Now there is an interesting twist on a story I thought dusted!

Nick K said...

It's rather complicated, much like people and politics both are - as Adolf alluded to. How long do you have?

ZenTiger said...

So when do we start spreading the rumour (which will turn out to be true) that Helen Clark handed the keys to Key. A very smooth transition decided in 2005, and executed flawlessly by Cullen from Chewing Gum to Train Sets and a well rehearsed TV debate featuring worm technology.

(There's those damn Dawkins worms again)

Chuck Bird said...

It was as Rodney says with a few embellishments. What are your questions?

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