Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucia How to overcome sexual sin II

This video by Michael Voris has some concrete things a person can do to stop the sin of masturbation.

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Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a logical explanation of why something that is pleasureable and harms no one is regarded as a "sin" and is something that must be "overcome".

Any ideas?

Psycho Milt said...

Started watching it but gave up halfway, it was too much like satire. Left me thinking the people who really need to work on breaking an evil habit are the ones putting their effort into making people ashamed and afraid of their own bodies.

Lucia Maria said...

Why masturbation is harmful.

Here's an excerpt:

When a person experiences sexual pleasure while masturbating and lusting after another in his imagination, he is training his brain to be stimulated by fantasy images in his own mind. If this is what a person's brain identifies as the cause of sexual joy, then where does this leave his or her spouse one day? A spouse is not a fantasy image that you act upon, but a real human being with his or her own personality, feelings, emotions, etc. Yet instead of being able to take joy in the actual person in the marriage bed, the individual trained by masturbation may be driven to find stimulation in inner fantasies even while trying to make love to his or her spouse. Sometimes men and women may look beyond their own imagination to adultery, strip clubs, pornography, or a disordered lust for one another to satiate their desires. Sometimes, the habit of masturbation continues within marriage in order to take care of sexual "needs."

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