Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucia Churches will lose the battle against "Gay Marriage" in Britain

"Blood crazed ferret", journalist and blogger, Damian Thompson believes that the Churches will lose the battle against "Gay Marriage" in Britain. He's probably right.

Marriage is a Mystery that cannot be adequately explained to the unbeliever. It's always reduced back to the only seemingly important aspects being that two people who "love" (or feel lust for) each other should have the "right" to get married. Though, I'm not sure how important love is, as wanting to get "married" and not to be limited by the mystery of marriage appears to be more important than anything else.

As to why an apparent "conservative" leader is supporting the cause to break the definition of marriage, Damian offers the following:
The passing of this legislation will mark a significant moment in Britain’s history: its emergence as a post-Christian society along the lines of Scandinavia or France.

The traditional definition of marriage is a cornerstone of Church teaching. The fact that the Rev Giles Fraser (inevitably) wants to remove it is evidence of secularisation from within.

But the secularisation that really matters comes from the majority of young British citizens who are atheists or agnostics. David Cameron isn’t in favour of gay marriage because he’s a Conservative: that’s just cute sophistry. He’s in favour of it because he represents, and earnestly desires the votes of, Britain’s fast-growing post-Christian electorate.
So, he gets their attention by being the man who metaphorically frees the slaves from their bondage or elevates the underclass into full citizens, and thus will gain the applause of all those who feel downtrodden and disregarded by society.

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kowtow said...

Mind you I sympathise with Damian Thompson where he says the hierarchy have sided with all the PC liberal issues of the day. Sounds like our mob.

kowtow said...

And here you have it, bearded lefty archbishop "to wage war" on the government. NOT on the so called same sex marriage issue but on the rich/poor divide.

kowtow said...

oops forgot the link!

Lucia Maria said...



They're too involved with politics and have forgotten their primary mission - the salvation of souls.

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