Saturday, November 19, 2011

ZenTiger For the Record

I'm still not voting for John Key and National (shouldn't have ignored the results of the smacking referendum John, nor the increasing evidence good parents are being shoved through the wringer from over zealous officials) but the whole "release the tapes" and "John Key stormed out" frenzy the media, the Greens, and Labour have pathetically whipped up has me just putting down a wee note on the blog to remind myself in a few years hence just how far gone the media are in terms of ethical behaviour.

Obviously, the recent UK experience with a duplicitous, unscrupulous and unethical media crew hasn't spread to this part of the world as far as the media are concerned. Do we diary our own version of that kind of scandal for a few years time? (Never saw it coming, yer honour).

And definitely sic the law on them John, that is more for public interest than so-called public interest the media insist is more important than ending the right to have private conversations.

Can we focus the media on real election issues, rather than this manufactured tripe?

How about the MMP referendum?

The way I understand it, if we do not "vote for change" then the politicians can change the rules around MMP any way they wish, and we get no say after election day. If we vote for change, then what happens next is subject to further public consultation and discussion, which could still result in MMP. So vote for change.

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