Friday, November 11, 2011

Andrei Massive bust by Parisian Police

The world's a safer place today after the Parisian police arrested four Chinese Nationals and seized 270 tonnes of contraband Eiffel towers.

The French authorities don't want unlicensed people selling tourist tack on their streets it seems.
Illegal street vending in France carries of maximum six-month jail sentence and a 3,750 euros fine.

A police source said the aim of the operation is to dismantle supply networks as well as fight against the vendors.

During March and September 2011, 4,000 illegal street vendors were detained including 1,200 who were taken into custody.
It's comforting to see the authorities in times of economic meltdown are still on the case and not letting entrepreneurship get out of hand.

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Kathleen Blake said...

(shaking head)It is ridiculous isn't it?

JG said...

Really Andrei, This practice has been semi tolerated in France, and even more in Italy for over 30 years and has probably saved many African families from starvation.

Seán said...

Heh, okay this won't solve the Euro crisis but it is good news all the same. I have been at Tour Eiffel in Aug-09 and also last month and for sure there are many, many Africans in your face selling this junk. So good riddance if it is indeed effectual.

If the French police have attacked the source, hopefully to then the front line is diminished.

Not the biggest gain, but a win is a win.

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