Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Andrei Today's Election Campaign coverage

Goff turns the worm
What normal person sits in front of a TV pressing a button to express approval or disapproval of a talking head? What value should we place on the opinion of the people who do?

Tea tape court case underway
A bunch of well paid, comfortably off chatterers gather in august surroundings to primp and posture uttering self important nonsense about nonsense. You are paying for this circus.

'Shaken', 'shocked' Maggie Barry 'spat at' on Shore
Intelligent and well reasoned political discourse on display folks.

There's more, a lot more but that's enough to be going on with for now.

Do you wonder why this country is going nowhere fast?

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Marian said...

I find it rather irksome these Party political slogans


Building a brighter Future:

(Yeah right. Many of my friends have already built a brighter future under National and have left for OZ.)

The Greens:

For a richer NZ.

(Yeah right. With the Greens at the helm. We'll be heading for the poor house. More ETS. A Green economy is a huge $$$ money wasting joke).


Own our Future.

(Yeah right. What future under Labour?)

Lucia Maria said...

Totally agree, Marian.

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