Thursday, November 24, 2011

Andrei Poor Tatyana

Fletch left a link to this in a comment yesterday. Today it is on Drudge.

Tatyana Limanova has achieved world wide fame, her fifteen red faced minutes. It is amazing how this escaped into the world as a viral video - a mid afternoon News item on APEC is not something that normally provides much entertainment value - indeed it would be a big yawn in any language.

Poor Tatyana has succeeded in making it very interesting.

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Brett_McS said...

She was actually giving the finger to one the studio crew who had presumably said something in her ear mike about her stutter earlier in the report; she didn't realize she was on camera (hence head down, reading). This was explained by a Russian speaker over at PJmedia.

Obama had nothing to do with it; Just a happy accident.

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