Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lucia Opposite problem of cat being scared of fireworks

It was Guy Fawke's night last night here in New Zealand. We didn't buy any firecrackers this year, thinking we still had lots left over from previous years. Turns out the previous year's fireworks were the ones that after you've let off some sky rockets and multi explody things, that they were the left over fizz and hiss and not much else boring crackers. But nevermind, they were better than nothing and so the two boys went out to let them off. Both altar servers that handle incense and candles, so with a healthy appreciation of fire. Now that the oldest is nearly 15, I'm not so worried about letting them set off crackers without Dad's supervision.

Anyway, I know lots of people want to ban Guy Fawke's because of all the terrified animals, but seriously, some one forgot to tell Asterix the cat that she is supposed to be afraid of the crackers, not go bonkers because she wants to be out there amongst all the fun. After going from door to window to door meowing to be let out, she sat down with her back to all the activity to indicate that she really didn't care. Until the really bright poppy firework was let off, terrifying one of our other cats (who had been sleeping in the porch) enough to bolt right past it to hide under the house. That got her attention.

It's been like this every year so far. Fire work night and the cat wants to go outside and play rather than cower inside away from the noise.

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