Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucia Anglicans in Oz have gone over to the dark side

Anglicans lead the way back in the 1930's in removing Christian objections to contraception, now they are hopping onto the population growth bogeyman. God's commands to be fruitful and multiply is well truly being thrown out.

The church's key advisory group wants the Gillard Government to get rid of incentives that increase the birth rate and also called for a cut to immigration.

In a submission to a federal population inquiry, the General Synod's public affairs commission described population growth as a taboo subject and the "elephant in the room".

The commission wanted a halt to "any policy that provides an incentive to increase population, notably the baby bonus".

Besides wanting the Australian population to stop growing and immigration to drop, the Anglicans also would like the Aussie Government to increase their refugee intake. Probably of the type of people who have multiple wives, very large families and need to be supported by the tax payer.

I suppose this is what happens when the more orthodox Anglicans jump ship (to the Catholic Church via the Ordinariates), they leave behind the more whacky members who doom themselves into extinction and are trying to take the whole of Australia with them.

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