Saturday, April 30, 2011

Andrei What a bunch of self serving creeps

The ACT Party is becoming more repulsive by the minute.

In particular the move to relieve Rodney Hyde of his Ministerial portfolios is particularly repellent.

Every single ACT MP, with the exception of one, is not there because they were able to win a seat on their own merits. Rather they owe their place in Parliament due to the arcane rules of our system of MMP and rode into Parliament on Rodney Hide's coat tails. The owe their place at the trough seat to Rodney Hide's winning of Epsom.

And now to further their own ambition they have dumped on him in a most unseemly fashion.

What this pitiful bunch don't get is there is a lot more to running a country than just economics. It's important for sure but it's not the be all and end all. Not that I trust this bunch of clowns to get the economics right, given their current behavior I wouldn't trust them with anything.

If I were John Key I'd put as much distance as possible between National and ACT as I could. They are people of no principles, no honour and have nothing of real value to add.

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KG said...

"They are people of no principles, no honour and have nothing of real value to add."
Just like National and their partners, then?

Redbaiter said...

Haha, I was thinking the same as KG. How does being people of no principle and no honour and having nothing of real value to add make them different to any other politicians? Especially National politicians.

ZenTiger said...

Well, the irony of course is that they were National politicians.

I think Brash has principles. They just happen to be Machiavellian.

leftrightout said...

andrei, you are so totally correct, but of course muppets like Russell and co will whinge and moan at anyone taking offence to Brash's concerted attack on the political process.

Brash reminds me of the Brierleys, Fayes, Richwhites, et al of the 1980's with their take over of community assetts and co-operatives with the mantra "Unlock the value" which really meant "Help ourselves to the hardwork of others".

How can we have a "party leader" who is a) not a member of the party and b) not in parliament, telling the PM who can and cannot be a minister?

Key should pay Hide's fee to join National, call an election NOW with Hide standing for National in Epsom and bring Brash and co undone once and for all.

ZenTiger said...

And that makes you just another Machiavellian seeking to manipulate the political process to justify the ends you want.

leftrightout said...

No zen, it is me pointing out how easily the system CAn be manipulated, and is being manipulated. I assure you, the end I truly want does not involve a Natioanl government, although taht is a dead rat I'd swallow to avoid Branks.

The assault on democracy continues.

The destruction of Auckland local government, without the involvement of ratepayers.

The usurping of ECAN, and there is STILL no water plan, the supposed reason for this little junta.

The sidelineing of CCC in the chch rebuild to being jsut a provider of roads and sewers, no say for the ratepayers in how their city will recover.

Toyin O. said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing:)

Blair said...

On the contrary, it is Hide who has proven to have no principles. The perk buster and bureaucracy smasher has spent the last three years doing the exact opposite, which is why he needed to go. He went from an asset that got ACT into parliament, to a liability which would have seen them kicked out. It is Hide's personal ambitions at the expense of ACT's principles which have been the problem. Brash, one would hope, is there to restore them.

As for him losing his portfolios, there is a golden rule in politics that if you create a corpse, you have to bury it too, or it will stink up the house.

ZenTiger said...

The perk buster and bureaucracy smasher has spent the last three years doing the exact opposite, which is why he needed to go.

To my knowledge, there was one incident around a perk, not 3 years worth. As for Auckland Council, he inherited the merger, he didn't create it.

To his credit, he got stuck into the job and managed the hand dealt to him. I think his hopes around keeping the portfolio indicate a committment to working in that particular job and seeing it through to the point that he sees improvements in local government service delivery.

Hide is a good politician, and such experience would be a shame to waste. Still, it seems as if the ACT party has been on-sold, so I agree that there will inevitably be changes in the Party. It's had a tough time since it's heyday. It will be interesting to see what it does this election.

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