Thursday, April 28, 2011

Andrei Will this end the silliness?

To your left you will see the famous long form of Barack Obama's birth certificate as released by the man himself.

You may click on the image to go to the White House's PDF of this document.

There is only one mystery here, why didn't the man release this years ago? The only thing I can think of is that it faux issue that has provided a distraction from the very real issues that surround President Obama's Presidency. Could he be that cunning?

Anyway now that it is out, will the birthers move on to something else? I eagerly await the next exciting installment.

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macdoctor said...

Anyway now that it is out, will the birthers move on to something else?

Apparently not, Andrei. Seems like there is some sort of obscure constitutional concern about Obama's birth. I think it revolves around whether, as the son of a non-citizen, he is considered to be a naturalized citizen and therefore not eligible for the presidency. Seems a bit thin to me...

ZenTiger said...

As you say in the post, the mystery was why it wasn't released years ago.

I don't think it was ever silly to ask to see it, given it is a key requirement for eligibility.

I was quite surprised it was released at this point. I would have thought he would have allowed the issue to build up, all the while protesting that it was a non-issue, but not fronting with the certificate until shortly before the election.

Looks like Trump's trumpeting forced his hand, and about time too.

I was also wondering if it was the contents of the certificate that was more of an issue than if it existed or not.

From what I've seen of the commentary, there are a lot of people advancing interesting forgery theories. I suspect the issue will die off a fair amount, but the discussion will continue for some time yet.

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