Monday, April 4, 2011

Andrei It's an outrage

The concept of developing New Zealand's energy resources, that is. Well only if you listen to Coal Action Network Aotearoa, where do they get these Monty Pythonesque names?

Of course those of us with children and a stake in the future actually think developing New Zealand's energy resources is a jolly good idea. It means increased income for the country which means more money for education, housing, roads and health care and so forth, not forgetting gainful employment for more people.

All in all a better future for all, if it can be done.

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PM of NZ said...

If it's got Aotearoa in the 'Monty Pythonesque name', it is guaranteed to be funded via main line suction from taxpayers arteries.

To paraphrase, "It's irresponsible".

Anonymous said...

There is no such country. It was a name for a geographic feature. No nation by that name has ever or will ever exist.

Its just more culteral imperialism from brown necks and their leftist allies.

KG said...

I guess for someone who lives off the taxpayer teat,exploiting NZ's mineral resources wouldn't be a high priority.
They think money grows on trees. Oh, hang on....trees are sacred too.

scrubone said...

Heh on 9 to noon Hooton did not hold back talking about this. Good on him.

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