Thursday, April 7, 2011

Andrei Culture of Death Blog Swarm v posts for life

There is a blog swarmy thing going on today. Organized by the usual suspects, it is on the topic "Abortion is a health issue not a crime".

Well they are right about the first part - Abortion is a health issue, the most immediate health issue is to the baby, the baby indeed dies! Abortion the is clearly not good for the babies health and no amount of sophistry such as using the term "fetus" in place of "baby" will obliviate this fact.

Did you ever hear an expectant mother say "the fetus is kicking"? You did not. It is always the baby that does the kicking, And indeed each unborn develops his/her own recognizable personality.

And abortion is not so good for the mothers health either, in extreme cases she may loose her life, become sterile or become seriously ill. It is only in extremely rare cases the mothers health may benefit from an abortion, Few and far between.

And of course many, not all, women who have undergone abortions later regret it and grieve for the child or children they lost to this barbarity. Sometimes to the point of developing clinical depression. Anecdotally I have known several women who have suffered so, grief for the children that denied their birthright and guilt for what was done.

Nor for the second part: "Abortion is not a crime". Strictly speaking an abortion performed under the existing regulations of this country in this country is not a crime - that's by definition.

But many bad things that were not crimes under the laws of Nazi Germany, the Japanese Empire, the Independent State of Croatia during WW2 or the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin where later deemed to be "crimes against humanity". We are certainly killing off our citizens at a similar rate to the Ustaše at their peak and have kept it up for a far longer period than they managed.

Abortion is a crime, it is a crime against humanity and it takes some pretty agile mental gymnastics to convince yourself it is not.

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Madeleine said...

Have you tried googling various key terms to see how the blogswarm is doing?
I have :-)

JJ said...

One day the human race will look back on the barbaric practice of abortion the same way we view human sacrifice in other ancient cultures. In other words we will wonder what the hell was wrong with those people to commit such atrocities.

Scuba Nurse said...

you dont hear them say the embryo is kicking either. they dont kick until viable.

Tamara said...

Actually, I have had two children and I regularly referred to them as "fetus" before they were born. I also referred to them as "pea" and "bun". What exactly is your point? And I certainly didn't detect any distinctive personality from either of them until they were well out of my uterus.


Lucia Maria said...


Using the word "fetus" (a technical term) is a means of disassociating from the baby, unless Latin is your preferred language. A baby, disassociated from is easier to dispose of.

Anonymous said...

No, a baby is a living, breathing lifeform, idependent of the mother for its oxygen and food.

A foetus is a potential baby, but let us not forget that far more foetuses are lost to sponataneous abortion, aka miscarriage, than are to a deliberate act of abortion. In fact, some 30-40% of all conceptions end as miscarriges. Perhaps you'd be better putting your energies into research to overcome that problem.

ZenTiger said...

but let us not forget that far more foetuses are lost to spontaneous abortion, aka miscarriage, than are to a deliberate act of abortion. Perhaps you'd be better putting your energies into research to overcome that problem.

Gee, a world where we only have one option. Decisions, decisions. Which ONE should we choose?

Hang on, a lot of people die of old age, let's not worry about solving murders.

Tamara said...

Lucia Maria, that is your view. I just prefer to call things what they really are (except for when I'm being humorous of course), I'm pedantic that way. By the way, note that I didn't terminate my pregnancies, because they were wanted. That was my choice.

ZenTiger, very well then. Please refer us to where you devote your energies to other causes such as support for people forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, AFTER the baby is born.

Tamara said...

I thought as much.

Lucia Maria said...

What were you expecting, Tamara?

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