Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andrei Not a pretty picture

This was taken in England at a football game on Monday. If you follow this link there are more of the same incident.

What is amazing about this is that the Football player, Bury goalkeeper Cameron Belford, did not retaliate. He got an unprovoked smack in the head and kept his cool. And you would have to wonder how and why?

It's highly probable that Mr Belford could have put this young thug on the deck, leaving him the worse for wear, if he chose to do so and yet he didn't. Is this because in PC-ified Britain if he had done so it would have rebounded upon him in a negative way?

Or is this a case of turning the other cheek?

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Bearhunter said...

"Or is this a case of turning the other cheek?"

Or simply a case of being surrounded by a large hostile group and electing that discretion is the better part of a serious kicking, perhaps. (Although that is a terrible punch, if that's the moment of impact - the shithead is more likely to break his knuckles than cause any major damage to the keeper. Hope he did.)

This is where blind tribalism leads to.

Andrei said...

What about all his team mates on the field with him, Bearhunter?

It could have got ugly

Bearhunter said...

I assume they legged it when the crowd came onto the field, which is pretty poor form. I'm more interested in where the stewards were, there are usually plenty of them behind either goal.

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