Friday, April 1, 2011

Andrei Friday night free for all

The Sun has just gone down behind the hill. It is strange to think that this time next week it will have been dark for over an hour.

I guess that's just how it is when you let Governments fiddle with the clocks as winter comes on.

Anyway chat time - go for it.

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mojo said...

Mmmm ... & not so many swims under the belt this summer either.

Andrei said...

Hi Mojo
There might be a swim or two left in the old summer yet, it might depend upon how hardy you are.

Barnsley Bill said...

Last swim for the season at the Barnsley manor family lido tomorrow. It has been too cold for weeks but family traditions are (apparently) sacred in these parts.
I am quite happy that daylight saving is upon us. The 4.30 am starts on a Monday for the long trip back to metropolis each week have been getting harder as winter closes in.

ZenTiger said...

My son has dragged me down to the beach a few times so he could do a bit of boarding whenever the waves were of decent size. Consequently, and against my natural inclinations, I ended up getting over the initial chill of the water and having a good time, although last time, I wimped out and wore my wetsuit.

Glad to see the clocks being reset finally, but I do find the early darkness a pain. In about a month I will be looking forward to spring.

Lucia Maria said...

Two more swims for my 10yo in an outdoor heated pool left, this coming Monday and then the next. So far, it's only drizzled once while I sat and watched. I'm looking forward to the covered pool next term.

Cannot wait for daylight savings to end. Yes, it is nice having the daylight in the evening for so long, but it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings with the sun barely risen.

Tonight's red is the Promised Land Merlot 2010 from South Australia, with a little picture of a seahorse on it. Makes it quite distinctive. And it's on special at Countdown/Woolies for $9.99. My kind of price range.

Lucia Maria said...

What a strange week. I've had Bible argument at Pinkofreezone, and then had to deal with my teenager, who is going to highschool this year after nearly 4 of homeschooling, wanting to go to an overnight school thing organised for the class representatives of his year.

Co-ed. Supervised by one teacher, and a number of older pupils from the school. No request for parental involvement. In a marae, which could also include Maori spiritualism. So many red flags. We ended up having to say no, but our son wanted to give all the details to his father as well, hoping that he'd give him a different answer. Especially since I said he could have the ultimate choice. In other words, I'd allow myself to be vetoed.

Oh, and then there was the case of the missing school jersey and a weird conversation with the lady in the uniform shop where she said she wouldn't police kids on-selling potential stolen items. Even if she was given the name on the missing item.

Oh and next week, there is barefoot day. I'm just saying no to that one as well.

Andrei said...

"Covered pool", "sitting and watching" - yes many hours have I done that amid the noise, splashes and stench of chlorine.

Can't say I miss that aspect of my children's childhood.

Lucia Maria said...

LOL, Andrei.

I've taken to either doing my reading then, or bringing my latin study along since my latin student is now at school and the 10yo is not at the level I want to learn at.

I do the gymnastics sit twice a week for an hour each time, unless I need to shop, then it's a quick wizz around in time to pick him up before the hour is up.

I don't think I actually mind it, apart from last week when I fitted a haircut in for my older boy at the same time and then I felt like I was just driving back and forth and round and round for a couple of hours.

KG said...

Hi everybody. Still light here, drizzle and around 28 degrees.

Andrei said...

Still light where you are KG?

I guess that is because Aus is behind Godzone.

Never fear although you'll never catch us up but the sun will go down soon enough.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi KG,

That sounds pleasant. I have couple of heaters on, just to take the chill out of the air. Not cold enough to turn on the gas fireplace, though. And dark, have to go outside and downstairs to the laundry. At least it's not drizzling, otherwise the snails would be out and I'd be trying to spot them with the torch on the way down so I wouldn't step on them.

Need more snail bait!

Lucia Maria said...

Oh my goodness, I just found a strange little piece on the carpet, with two tiny screws in it. And then I thought, maybe it was from the remote control helicopter that doesn't fly right now. And it turns out that it is and my 10yo is now trying to reattach it to the balancer...

KG said...

lol! We have three aircons running, Lucia Maria to help dry the air a little. The humiduty is around 80% right now.
I like it when the sun goes down, Andrei and the deafening frogsong starts.. :)

Andrei said...

the deafening frogsong?

Would this be the one KG?

Allons enfants de la Patrie,
le jour de gloire est arrivé!
Contre nous de la tyrannie,
L’étendard sanglant est levé, (2x)
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
Mugir ces féroces soldats?
Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras
Egorger vos fils, vos compagnes.

Aux armes, citoyens,
Formez vos bataillons,
Marchons, marchons!
Qu’un sang impur
abreuve nos sillons!


Good morning everyone.
The daffodils are blowing in the breeze.
The lambs are skipping and frolicking.
The blossom is on the trees.
And we are set for a sizzling 18-19C today.
Before the rain returns at the weekend.

And this week, we cleaned out the fishpond and I removed the frogs to the lake. Well, dad says they can strangle the goldfish!
News to me, but I was surprised to see so many frogs but pleased to see the fish, including the koi carp had survived the winter.

Before Christmas we feared the pond would freeze solid but it was actually 5ft deep in places, much deeper than we thought.

KG said...

rofl! Good one Andrei. :)

I.M Fletcher said...

I too am looking forward to the end of Daylight Saving. I prefer it be light in the morning and I was finding the light of my bedside lamp too harsh for flicking on first thing on waking up.

To remedy the situation I bought one of those touch-lights from Lighting Direct for the bedside that has three levels of brightness. It's great turning it on at the lowest level on waking up allowing for slower adjustment :)

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