Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lucia Earth Day Network tells Catholic Priests to preach about Earth Day on Easter Sunday

In the US, the Earth Day Network, backed by people such as Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, have sent letters to American Catholic priests suggesting that they devote Easter Sunday to preaching about Earth Day. The presenter of the following You-Tube clip, Michael Voris, is outraged and calls it a "paganising of the Faith".

Michael Voris does get a little extreme in demanding that Catholics leave their parishes if the priest preaches a such a sermon on Easter Sunday. For some of us, there would be nowhere else to go if we did this.

I have had my Sunday Mass paganised by my Archbishop just recently, by having Maori spiritual elements included. Fortunately, he was only visiting, and we are back to the minor abuses that are somewhat bearable. And when I've prayed directly to Our Lord about them, the immediate response was to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

So, my suggestion is that each person talk to or write a letter to their priest instead.  If you just leave, no one will know why.  And how does that help?

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Seán said...

Interesting that the marketing departments of the non-religious are recognising the potential info flow of the parish network. Can't see anything coming of it, but the attempt is notable at least.

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