Friday, April 8, 2011

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

Another Friday to mark the end of the standard work week. A new financial year for some, so bean counting and reporting back to the government is consuming some people's lives. It is very important to provide the government with a complete picture of all your financial affairs so they can decide if they will give or take a little more tax in payment for services they wish to rend and render.

Over where I live, the Council has decided the easiest way to count the drops of water that fall from the sky is to install water meters in every house. At the bargain price of only $7M up front and project blowouts in arrears (all charged back to us), we can help the Council figure out if they can charge even more money. They dress this up as "water saving measures" and "making things fair" and I'm sure soon it will be natural to pay the library only according to the number of words you actually read of a book (after the base lending fee). Very democratic.

It's things like this that remind me bureaucracy is inevitable, and no matter who we vote for later in the year, the bureaucracy will grow. Oh sure, government departments are currently slashing staff, but has anyone looked at the money they then spend on outsourcing services? Colour me cynical, but I have a fweeling (it's a feeling with extra hand waving) that on the big money go round of money going around, the bureaucracy is cleverly hidden behind mountains of paperwork.

Roll on open government, and feel free to drop in and talk about things completely different. The above musings are NOT FNFFA fare. Give me a bad pun any day.

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Andrei said...

As I boldly predicted last week it is now dark outside.

The cat is contentedly coiled by the fire - it is full of bird, the only remnants of which were some feathers and two sad little legs, I found lying on the living room rug when I got back from picking up T from school.

Next week is the last week of Lent and then we will be into Holy week already.

Hell's Pizza has a line in Hot Pentagram Buns - hey ho, remember a few years back some major bakery put out a line of Hot Cross Buns without the cross so as to not to offend non Christians and received well deserved mockery for their shrinking violet PCness


Good Morning ZenTiger

I hope they are not smart water meters, or else the council could cut off your supply if you use too much.
You might have to bathe in the sea instead.
Do you live near the nudist beach I read about, whose users "pop up like meerkats", according to the DomPost.
I had to smile when I read one of these beaches the nudists frequent was called Peka Peka. Shouldn't that be Pecker Pecker?
And the policemen quoted in the story was called Bigwood, oooeer missus !

ZenTiger said...

Howdy folks, it is indeed dark. It's like Earth hour every night, once people have gone to bed.

Yes, FFM, I live reasonably close to Pecker Pecker beach, and with a name like that it's no wonder the meerkats are prolific. They need to rename the beach "The straight" or perhaps "nutchopper bay" or "Puritan Sands" and see what happens.

I think the problem is it's not actually a nudist beach, it's more like a sandy equivalent op "lovers lane" and some people are going down there more than a scuba diver.


But won't they get sand in their bits?

Anyway, I was at the seaside yesterday.
I went to Scarborough on the Yorkshire east coast.
The sun shone, it was 18 or so degrees, but by the harbour, it said the water temperature was 8.1c.

The fish and chips at Mother Hubbards were fine and the place was far better and safer than Blackpool.

Today is warm and sunny and on Sunday, I am off to the Cumbria Lake District. Hopefully the daffodils will still be out. The area is famous for the poet Wordsworth and his daffodils.
But they are wilting here.

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