Sunday, April 3, 2011

Andrei Some people are never satisfied

Last week I reported on a whine by one Robyn Toomath about KFC's latest offering.

Well she's back at it again, this time because KFC have added grilled chicken to the menu, thus reducing fat content. She should be pleased - but no
Fight the Obesity Epidemic spokeswoman Dr Robyn Toomath said, while she applauded the food industry whenever they replaced unhealthy options, she questioned whether KFC was really motivated by offering healthy options to customers. "What they're doing is attracting a bigger market share so that they've got the same number of people eating the unhealthy option plus a new cohort of customers who wouldn't be previously attracted to the restaurant - that's counter-productive."

No - any business in the real world, needs to keep and preferably expand its customer base in order to survive. If they don't then their employees loose their jobs and go to bed hungry. And that is what motivates them.

It's called the bottom line which as we know doesn't exist for those employed in cosy sinecures in public health.

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