Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lucia Saturday Night

I haven't really been feeling chatty until tonight. Probably something to do with a full-on week and just trying to survive it, literally.

That day when it was raining quite hard and there were a number of weather related crashes in Wellington, I nearly had a car back into me at my son's high school car park. It was one of those surreal moments when my mind finally comprehended that the car in front of me that was rapidly backing and turning as it went just didn't see me, and the only thing I could do was to put my hands on the horn and keep them there. It took what seemed a very long time to respond to all my honking, so by the time it stopped, it was half a foot away from crashing into my car. My son, who was on the passenger side, and who I stopped from getting out of our car when the car in front accelerated backwards really felt like it was going to crash into his door.

It just made me wonder if the driver was young and on a restricted license and didn't know that when you back, you are supposed to look over your shoulder and not use the mirror. Having just got my full license a few years back, I know they still test for this. It's a big thing - don't rely on your mirrors, turn and look.

It was a lesson for me. Don't drive into the school car park, even if it's raining and we are slightly late. Though, with the way that car backed, they could have just as easily taken out a kid, now that I think about it. Hopefully I gave them enough of a fright that they will be more careful in future.

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Andrei said...

I saw an old woman pedestrian taken out by a backing car in the supermarket car park a few days ago.

She was in a world of her own, so was the driver I guess.

I honked my horn to warn them both, the old lady looked toward me and even further away from the car that was coming at her.

Bonk, down she went, groceries everywhere, oranges rolling in slow motion across the parking lot, spilled milk and burst bags of flour.

She was battered and bruised but ok - they ambulanced her to hospital just to be on the safe side though.

Lucia Maria said...

Andrei, how awful!

The horrible thing is in that sort of situation is that there is so little time to really do anything but honk. Thank goodness she was ok!

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