Thursday, April 7, 2011

ZenTiger World Health Day - Abortion and the issue of choice

So the blogswarm by pro-choice people want to make abortion a health care issue.

Many counter posts have done a good job explaining why choosing an abortion isn't really a question of health care [see links below], and whilst there are cases where a mother's life is at risk from giving birth, those are thankfully quite rare. Actually, giving birth remains a serious health care issue in third world countries but abortion isn't a good "cure" for that sort of issue.

The argument for abortion often rests on the idea that it should be a women's choice over what happens with her body. This is a powerful argument, especially in our society which is founded on the notion the individual is the most important unit of society. Indeed, it's the only unit that counts. The family, the community, friends and relations are merely facets of an individual's life in our society, which in turn erodes values such as loyalty, fidelity, tolerance and self-giving. It's not hard to see the shift.

Whilst our culture is all about the self, things like self-control are not seen as important. People apparently have no choice about resisting their impulses, and so casual sex and short term relationships are fine. What you want to do with your life and what you want to spend your money on become far more important than notions of taking on the mantle of responsibility and settling down in a committed relationship which results naturally in a family.

In this environment, abortion becomes merely another contraceptive device. There are exceptions of course - there always are, but the trend is clear. The predominant reasons are well known and those reasons are not about "healthcare".

Back in 2006 I recall reading about the growing problem in India, where abortion combined with the latest ultrasound technology to give mothers the choice over what sex the baby would be. If it was a girl, abort. If it was a boy, give birth. A recent article highlighted that the trend noticed years ago, has continued, and the statistics are quite depressing. It's unhealthy to be a girl, you get killed by your mother. Apparently, in India its a crime, but it happens anyway. The pro-abort people like you to think otherwise (that it is not a crime), even if their whims are different, the outcome is much the same.

As many as 10 million female fetuses may have been aborted in India over the last 20 years as families try to secure a male heir, according to a study published Monday in The Lancet, the British medical journal.

In the two decades since ultrasound equipment, which allows prenatal determination of sex, became widely available, the number of girls born in India has declined steeply, despite a law banning doctors from disclosing the sex of a fetus to parents.

Although the routine aborting of female fetuses has been well documented, the study puts new light on the scale of the practice. Experts in India said Monday that they hoped the study would prompt the government to enforce laws against the practice that are already on the books.

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