Sunday, April 17, 2011

Andrei TVNZ plays the game

Palm Sunday today, and Holy week to follow leading up the the Greatest of Christian Feasts Pascha or Easter.

And every year at this time there is a plethora of finds and documentaries casting "doubt" upon the events celebrated at this time.

One such documentary is "Jesus: The Cold Case" funded by New Zealand on Air and made by Kiwi documentary maker Bryan Bruce.

Now TVNZ in their wisdom will not be screening this program at the optimum time according to Mr Bruce's agenda, this would be Good Friday of course. They have decided to sit on it until later in the year. Whether this is a matter of respecting Christian sensitivities or just a matter of programming schedules (as claimed) is ambiguous but it is a good move on TVNZ's behalf. The film will be shown but not at a time when it could cause the greatest offense.

Mr Bruce will be livestreaming it on the internet on Good Friday but this stream will not be available in New Zealand, not that that is hard to overcome if you really want to spend Good Friday watching Mr Bruce's film.

But when it comes down to it really who cares.

Update: From Fr Bosco's comment: Jesus cold case. His critique of the book of the film.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? I care. Why do I care? Because every examination of the religious claims pushs them further into history. Each new piece of research is one more nail in the coffin of belief.

And speaking of nails, here's a few more to bang in to the coffin.

Andrei said...

Boy do you ever indulge in wishful thinking LRO.

Some ancient nails of unknown provenance are going to undo 2000 years of Church teaching and tradition?


Anonymous said...

No andrei, Man has done that by use of his intellect, some are just a bit slow at catching up.

liturgy said...

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