Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Andrei Liberals are (unintentionally) funny

You may have heard some "1st century Christian codices" have turned up, supposedly found in Jordan and smuggled to Israel some years ago.

It is causing great excitement in the media, less excitement amongst scholars, who having not examined them in detail remain skeptical and in some cases suspect forgery.

In any case the Guardian this morning indulges in some speculation and flights of fancy as to what they might contain and the implications for Christianity if so.

Of course reading this article reveals a lot about the author and his world view and reveals absolutely nothing about these codices, fake or real.

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Lucia Maria said...

He cannot be serious.

I honestly think even speculating in this way is disgusting. Considering that the obvious answer is that Jesus was celibate during His time on earth before His Resurrection, and He was pretty clear that no one takes husbands or wives in Heaven.

Lucia Maria said...

The more I think about this, the more obvious it seems that sex is being used as a proxy for God. Making Jesus out to be gay is the ultimate in seeking union with God, albeit in a warped and perverted way.

Jeremy Harris said...

Ha..! First Jesus was in a relationship with Mary Mag, now he's gay...

I wish these Liberals could make up their mind how they want to smear Him...

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