Friday, April 15, 2011

Lucia Friday night free for all

It's the end of Term One!


Though, I had my crash and burn at the end of February, and since then I've pacing myself. Could have gone on for another 4 weeks or so. Not sure about the kids, however ...

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Ciaron said...

I'm still at work waiting for an email to send. Because of the poor connectivity of our temporary office, it's taken about 6 hours to do a half hour/45 min. job.

We are not amused.

Lucia Maria said...


Hi, that's annoying good. Slow technology is very frustrating.

Good to see you pop up, though.

Psycho Milt said...

I had my crash and burn at the end of February

I suspect a lot of teachers do too!

These holidays I have a 15-year-old to deal with, so have already spent some time having him drive the car up and down a large car park - the point being, he needs to be disabused of the notion that having spent countless hours on Need for Speed, Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto doesn't actually mean he knows all about driving a car. I've never enjoyed taking the wind out of someone's sails more...

Andrei said...

Friday already.

A certain little girl, who shall remain nameless decided going to town was more entertaining than going to school earlier this week.

Much trouble ensued and many hard words spoken.

There is a party tonight she wants to attend and there was much discussion about whether permission would be granted - it was, Mum played the bad cop and Dad the good cop.

D'ya think she might twist me around her little finger?

Lucia Maria said...

Ciaron, I shouldn't be having two conversations at once while drinking red wine. I was supposed to say, "Hi, that's annoying." The good shouldn't be there.

Hi Psycho!

Sounds like fun. I'm going to have a 15 year old next year, who, I think will be keen to learn to drive as well. Aren't they supposed to be putting the age up to 16?

Lucia Maria said...


You're just a big softie, though, aren't you?

Psycho Milt said...

I spent the last year hoping they'd put it up to 16 and as usual the politicians didn't follow through on their promises. Still, I learned to drive as a 15-year-old on the West Coast in the 70s, and my driving test was to drive down the road, do a 3-point turn and come back again, so I don't really have any solid basis for complaining about the yoof of today having it easy or anything.

Andrei: if a daughter can't twist her Dad round her little finger, there's something wrong. I've been berated for this by my fellow parent on a number of occasions, but somehow I can never stir myself to feel very bad about it.

scrubone said...

Aren't we supposed to be talking about Earth Day? ;)

scrubone said...

Oh, and are we doing puns tonight?

Andrei said...

Aren't we supposed to be talking about Earth Day? ;)

Nah that's next Friday and that is set aside for something far more significant than "Earth Day".


Good Morning everyone.
Perhaps we can have Earthy day instead.
And have some smutty jokes.

Andrei said...

For all of you worrying about your kids learning to drive, don't it works out ok.

The only problem is with all the new levels and hurdles they have put up it costs a fortune before the kids get their full license.

Still it must be worse in Australia, my N did the last bit of her liscence over here when she was visiting a couple of weeks back because it was cheaper to have a NZ License and convert it to an Aus one than to do the test there.

Psycho Milt said...

Isn't every day Earth Day? Wouldn't live on any other planet, myself...

scrubone said...

Totally unfair, but I do love this story.

Andrei said...

Well Scrubone there are so many exciting things going on in Palmerston North it is little wonder that people didn't make it to the premier - to much competition I guess.

Lucia Maria said...


Your driving test sounds even easier than what I had to do a few years for my restricted licence!

Though, that would explain why I've experienced a number of women about my age (who must have got their licences like that as well) who have just about got me as they've pulled out of driveways or carparks. They're moving before they look both ways.

The other day I started moving backwards out of a carpark, and had got almost a meter when the woman next to me started going as well, just looking only in the other direction. I ended going back into the carpark, as I didn't want to get hit on her swing out.

That was a different event from the other week when I had to toot my horn in the school carpark. Who knows who was driving that car.

Then again, I might be just as hopeless and not know it.


I'm just trying not think about it, this whole teaching my kids to drive thing. It's out of my mind. Locked. Gone.

Lucia Maria said...


Now, now, nothing too over the top. I think puns is as exciting as we get over here, but I think Scrubone is waiting for Zen before he gets going.

Zen is recovering from a couple of nights away from home, so may approach the computer in a little while.

mojo said...

Mmm ... palmerston North & excitement all in the one sentence ... nice.

Lucia Maria said...


I watched the trailer. After hearing my kids talk about how bad he was, I thought I could see the attraction the girls have to him! But 10:30 am is a strange time for a premier for something aimed at teenagers (and pre-teens) who would have been at school!


In the UK you must wait till you are 17 before you can drive legally.
I had been on a few private roads before then.
My first car was a 1974 Ford escort.
Have you still got that lovely Rover PM.
And there might be some nice other planets somehere.

Lucia Maria said...

Do you know, we *still* have mosquitoes coming in at night when we leave the windows open for the cat! I've been bitten on my ankles again, and I saw one flying around, so I've had to turn the mosquito plug in killer things on. Maybe the only reason they don't fly in in winter is because I don't open the windows because it's too cold.

ZenTiger said...

My watch is hungry. It went back four seconds.

Hey, are we doing ... oh, never mind.

Evening all.

Psycho Milt said...

Have you still got that lovely Rover PM.

Yes - have had the boy drive it around a car park so he can understand how easy modern drivers have it. He's decided maybe a small car would be a good idea - strangely enough, I fully endorsed this concept.

Seán said...

FFM - my first car was a 1955 Morris Oxford, but we are talking about 1993, in my final year of high school (Gerry Brownlee was still a teacher there). I was a little behind the times I guess. I don't have it anymore but in 2002 I purchased another one just the same (first registered 1954 so legally it still doesn't need seatbelts (required in all cars registered from 01.01.1955)). Currently that baby is in storage in Sth Canterbury while I am overseas, but when in Auckland 2004-2008 it always turned heads (par for the course in the SI).

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