Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andrei Too depressing for words

I guess you have all heard about that lady from Wellington now languishing in a Buenos Aires jail. If not you can catch up with her tale of woe here.

It truly is a wicked world out there - and there is no shortage of parasites to prey upon the vulnerable, and that is what appears to have happened in this case.

Why are people so trusting of people they have never met in person? Beats me - sometimes it is greed that draws people in the chance for an easy buck. And they end up being suckered, caught out by their willingness to engage in something morally or legally dubious in order to make easy dollars. Victims of their own avarice.

But for this lady it sounds like it was a desperate loneliness that blinded her to the obvious. And that makes me feel incredibly sad.

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mojo said...

Yep, holding 'high' office would be consistent with such naivity.

Andrei said...

You might think so Mojo but ever since I can remember people with high stations in life have been doing stupid things that eventually lead to their down fall.

mojo said...

Indeed Andrei ... but historically I believe the defence to have only been a particularly effective gender specific one, and only specific to matters of the heart.

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