Sunday, August 18, 2013

ZenTiger Medieval Justice

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I haven't had time to fully appraise Paula Bennett's proposed new laws, but if they are half as bad as what I'm hearing, then it is entirely appropriate that I pronounce on them without full evidence.

For that seems to be the way these proposed laws are going.

National seem to be saying that this whole "presumed innocent until proven guilty" is a medieval concept, and no place in this rational, evidence based, scientific society*

And therefore, the new, advanced, pedophile detecting screening test is just what we need to pronounce people guilty if they manage to prove otherwise in a court of law.

Well, bravo. So what is this new, advanced screening test?

Apparently, you need a deep pond and a "float meter" that accurately measures the extent a person is floating or sinking.

*And it was a medieval concept, founded in Roman Law and documented as part of a codex of laws around 533.  The phrase we know today was eventually coined around the 1800's.  Thus, the irony in this post is that as we denigrate medieval times for "medieval thinking" we actually end up rejecting the wisdom developing over those times that fought the injustice of unfair trials.

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