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Lucia Christian Churches in Egypt being attacked

This video shows an attack by various men and boys on the St. George church in Sohag, Egypt. It was put together from what looks like various security camera videos. What I find bizarre about the attack is the number of people just throwing stones at the church building itself. To me that indicates a hatred of the building and everything it stands for.

From a couple of days ago, a list of the destruction which has nothing to do with Government of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as having a massive tanty that their guy has been removed, are venting their anger on the minority Christians of Egypt.

Until 7pm this afternoon, the following churches and Coptic-owned institutions in Egypt had been burned at the hands of Islamists. Watani lists them here chronologically:

Three churches and six buildings at the monastery of the Holy Virgin and Anba Abra’am in Dalga, Minya, Upper Egypt
The church of Mar-Mina in the district of Abu-Hilal in the town of Minya
The bishopric church of Mar-Girgis (St George) in Sohag, Upper Egypt
The church of the Holy Virgin in Nazla, Fayoum, Lower Egypt
The Baptist church in Beni-Mazar, Minya
Coptic-owned shops in Gumhouriya Street in Assiut, Upper Egypt
The Good Shepherd School in Suez
The Fransiscan School in Suez
The Holy Bible Society in Fayoum
The church of al-Amir Tawadros (St Theodore) in Fayoum
The church of the Holy Virgin in the district of Abu-Hilal in the town of Minya
The Catholic church of St Mark, Minya
The Jesuit church in Abu-Hilal, Minya
The church of Mar-Morqos (St Mark) and its community centre, Sohag
18 houses of Coptic families in Dalga, Minya, including the home of Father Angaelus Melek of the Holy Virgin and Anba Abra’am’s
The Evangelical church on Nassara Street in Abu-Hilal, Minya
The church of Anba Moussa al-Aswad in Minya
Coptic-owned shops, pharmacies, and a doctor’s clinic in Minya
The Jesuit church in Minya (attacked, not burned)
The St Fatima Basilica in Cairo (attacked, not burned)
St Joseph’s School in Minya (attacked, not burned)
The Nile boat al-Dahabiya, owned by the Evangelical Church in Minya
Coptic-owned shops, pharmacy, and hotels on Karnak Street and Cleopatra Street in Luxor (attacked and looted)
The church of Mar-Girgis (St George) in Wasta (attacked)
The church of St Michael on Nemeis Street in Assiut, Upper Egypt
The Adventist church in Assiut; the pastor and his wife were both kidnapped
The Greek church in Suez
The church of Mar-Girgis in Assiut
Coptic houses on Qulta Street in Assiut attacked
The church of Mar-Girgis (St George) in Arish, North Sinai
The church of St Dimiana and the Evangelical church in the village of Zerbi in Fayoum
The offices of the Evangelical foundation in Minya, and those of Umm al-Nour in Beni-Mazar, Minya
The church of Anba Antonius in Kerdassa, Giza
The bishopric church in Etfeeh, Giza

In addition to the attacks against the Copts, their churches, businesses, and property; Egyptians were aghast at attempts by the Islamists to break into the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) in Alexandria and set it on fire. The BA security and staff confronted the assailants in the courtyard, and there was an exchange of gunfire. According to Khaled Azab, the BA’s media manager, the conference hall was plundered, and a number of acquisitions went missing. The glass fa├žade was shattered.

In Deir Muwass, Minya, the locals called Watani in horror to report that 30 armed Islamists broke into the local water treatment station and cut off the water supply to the nearby villages and towns, meaning that should a fire erupt there would be no water to put it off.

While I'm sure that there are Muslims that are peaceful, the sad reality is that in Egypt, it is the Muslims that are involved in these attacks. The religion of Islam generates this sort of behaviour. The Muslim Brotherhood is just the latest name taken on by the fanatics who arise out of Islamic populations. Historically, there has always been a fanatical subset of Muslims who will terrify the population into submission.

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KG said...

I don't recall seeing a condemnation of this barbarity from Pope Francis.
Did I miss it?

bamac said...

This much of what Pope Francis said re the situation in Egypt was reported ... do they always report all that he says ? Personally I feel sure that such desecration would not have kept happening and the Holy Father saying nothing ....just not reported.

Mrs Mac,_dialogue_and_reconciliation_in_egypt/en1-719848

bamac said...


Have just come across this on the web ...
Mrs Mac
I felt sure that he would have.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute tragedy; buildings are being damaged.

No thought at all for the people who are dying, the vast majority of whom are, in fact, Muslims.

More Muslims are victims of Islamist violence than any other religious group, but you just keep right on worrying about bricks and mortar, forget about the blood and flesh being torn asunder.

As a Humanist, I weep for the dead and injured without needing to know their religion, just one more way that living without gods is a better way to live.

bamac said...

Of course we feel for all those who are suffering not only in Egypt but also in Syria and other parts of the Middle East ... you didn't mention anywhere else but I know that you think of them too even though you didn't mention them ... KG was asking about the churches as well ... the Holy Father mentioned both the people suffering and the churches too.

Your criticism of other bloggers was harsh LRO , I thought better of you .
Mrs Mac

Lucia Maria said...

"What I mean by that is, one cannot say day after day, as the Muslim Brothers at both sit-ins have said, that they welcome martyrdom, that they are more than ready to die for their cause, and they have brought their wives and children to the sit-ins and they are willing for them to die also. You cannot say this day after day, and then cry out in horror and shock: 'Look, the police are killing us!' What happened on Wednesday will be further unraveled, but this time, the particularly tragic case of the Muslim Brotherhood shows they have underestimated the degree that they have alienated just about everybody else in this country."

From JihadWatch

Yes, LRO. A great number of Muslims have died, and many of those put themselves in harm's way, and then attacked the police who then shot back.

Churches attacked, nuns hearded through the streets and in the same article buildings marked with different coloured X's to indicate whether a Muslim or a Christian owns it. The Muslim ones being left untouched.

If it were humanist meeting places and places of work and business being targeted, would you be feeling very threatened right now?

KG said...

Many thanks for the link, Mrs. Mac.

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