Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lucia Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on Muslim protests in the US against the US support for the Muslim Brotherhood


Some of what is covered in the video above:  Muslim protests in the US over the mainstream media's bias for the Muslim Brotherhood, the extreme fundamentalist Islamic group that is responsible for torching churches in Egypt and trying to turn the population against Christians. Also, these protests are aimed at the Obama Administration who also seems to be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  Apparently, also Obama's his best friend in the world is the Turkish president or prime minister who has recently blamed Israel for what is going on with the Muslim Brotherhood causing mayhem in the Islamic world.  That is typical Islamic anti-semitism; something goes wrong in their world and it's all Israel's fault. 

My opinion is that Israel would have to be stark raving bonkers and not to mention suicidal to be destabilising the Middle East to the point where Islamic fundamentalists such as the Brotherhood can then take over.  Yet this is what I'm hearing from a commenter on KiwiBlog who says he is an atheist but appears to react to Jews and Christians like a rabid Muslim.

Meanwhile, it looks like the US is preparing for war against Syria, which is not good, to say the least.  I think it is far more likely that chemical weapons were used against the civilian population by rabid Brotherhood crazies in order to give the US a reason to attack.  The Russians are warning the US and UK to cease and desist and saying that they are "like a monkey with a grenade".

This is just seriously not good: As the West considers action against the ruling Assad regime in Syria, we must take note of a chilling warning from 1914 ~ Daily Mail

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William Stout said...

The Russian defense of Syria is understandable given their relations with that nation going back to the days of the U.S.S.R., and Putin has a national interest in preserving that relationship. Not because he wants to see dead Syrian civilians, but because he must uphold Russia's word or lose credibility internationally. The U.S. has no national interest in Syria and Obama is a coward. Therefore, Putin knows that he can force him into submission at will.

I predict that Obama will give a few angry remarks, threaten a lot of things that will not happen, and in the end he will just shut up and sit down. He did that with Iran, he did that with North Korea, and he did that with Egypt. In fact, Obama has had few successes on the international playing field. The U.N., if anyone, is the one with an international interest here and that interest pertains to human rights. Unfortunately, the U.N. is good at corruption and grandstanding and can't be bothered by actually doing their job (shades of the League of Nations anyone?). At least Obama and the U.N. have something in common.

KevOB said...

The Americans have long aligned with the Sunni cause:the Saudi's prop up the US dollar and the US get access and control of resources.

See my family take on this here:
And the follow ups.

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