Friday, August 9, 2013

Lucia On Western Civilisation, what really matters

Christianity was founded by people who could not have cared less about “Christian civilization.” What interested them was Christ, and the reverberations of his coming on the whole of human existence. Christians believed in Christ, not in Christianity itself; they were Christians, not “Christianists.”

Those few sentences articulate what is wrong with the West today - Christ is no longer at our centre. Without Him, everything will fall.

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mzala said...

Indeed, everything will fall as it is on it's way, rapidly. Many of these problems lay squarely at the feet of the Catholic church. If She does not (in season, out of season) preach Christ crucified, if She does not live Christ crucified, the (western) world will fall.She has 'forgotten' her mission, Her reason for Her existence.
On the other hand, I recall one of your posts about moslems converting (or not) but as we know Lucia, victory will come through Mary.Thus we see:
"For years now plane loads of Muslim women from Iran have been landing at Fatima, Portugal. They come to pray before Our Lady who appeared to three shepherd children. The reason is that the Madonna was named after the daughter of Muhammad and wife of Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

In Harissa, Lebanon, Iranian women constantly come to pray to Our Lady, to the point that the rector of the shrine has a chapel prepared especially for them, with icons, signs and prayers to the Virgin in Persian, to facilitate their devotion.

Last year, during the month of May, as I waited for evening Mass to begin in Harissa, I saw hundreds of Muslim families - probably Shiite - who stopped to listen to the hymns before Mass and who only left at the end - [Gregorian chant perhaps?]

When I was in Morocco, I found that many women, during pregnancy and after childbirth, continued the so-called "fast of Our Lady," inspired by the Koran, which speaks of this fast.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Mzala,

Yes, I saw that news item. It's pretty cool. Our Lady will draw many to her Divine Son.

Fulton Sheen talked about the lack of preaching Christ crucified in the West. Instead we get Jesus the social worker, who just doesn't call us out of our comfortable lives to live sacrificially.

When the West has been in trouble before, a great saints arise to help reorient her back. Unfortunately, the areas of heresy don't tend to fare so well. I'm thinking the Eastern Roman Empire that was full of various heresies and then got taken over by Islam.

mzala said...

Yes Lucia
Great(er) saints will arise. We can count on that. A rather scary aspect of today is that whereas in the past,the pagans did not know the One True God. Today, can anybody claim not to know?

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