Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lucia Paula Bennett to dramatically increase the powers of the State

Bloody hell! was my first reaction when I read the front page of the Dominion Post this morning.

Suspected child abusers could be banned from being around children for up to 10 years without being convicted of a crime under a proposed law to be announced today [...] If police or Child, Youth and Family believed on the "balance of probabilities" that someone posed a threat to a child, High Court or District Court judges could impose the ban, similar to restraining orders in cases of domestic violence.

Will these judgements be made publicly or privately? Will the person have a chance to defend themselves? We'll have to wait and see what the detail is on this proposed law.

Mrs Bennett expected opposition from human rights and civil liberties groups but believed she had the support of New Zealanders for the moves.

Ya think? Has Paula Bennett ever studied history? Looked at what increased state powers can do in a country?

Mrs Bennett admitted the law would be controversial but said she was putting the welfare of children first. There were too many children dying and on the balance of probabilities, the crime was committed by one adult in the room.

Children are in the most danger when their mother has relationships with men that are not married to her, whether they are biological father or not only confers a slight level of safety, so married step-fathers are far safer than unmarried biological fathers.

Marriage, not increased state powers is what will keep children safe. Wake up Paula!

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Muerk said...

I would have no problem with this if the paedophiles were convicted of the crime, but to just do it arbitrarily worries me.

Lucia Maria said...

Muerk, I agree. There's been a recent case of a paedophile who has been convicted of years of abuse against a number of victims, and he's not even being jailed. For people like that, it would make sense. But not for CYF workers who think all smacking is abuse, and next thing you know they're banning parents from their children!

KevOB said...

This is horrifying. It probably conflicts with the Magna Carta (1297) 25 Ewd 1 c 29 which is part of the law of New Zealand. To go anywhere near arbitrary private limitations on personal liberties imperils all liberties.

Any government no matter how well intentioned that can promote such view or actions must have its right to govern questioned.

dad4justice said...

More power to the state is sad for children stuck in dysfunctional family units. CYFS have no idea what they're doing and the family court is a gravy train of scum so kiwi kids can expect to be let down by a government with no clues how to tackle the insidious child abuse stats.

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