Friday, August 2, 2013

Andrei Disease of the Week BIID

What can you say - in a world of suffering, where cruel things happen to people robbing them of any chance of a decent life we allow this to be taken seriously?

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the conservative said...

I totally understand this woman because I have a disorder called BTS; not many people know about this disorder, but according to latest statistics some 6,800 people across Australasia suffer from it. At this stage not a lot is known about BTS, big toe syndrome, but every morning I wake up with this desire to have a big toe. Not all BTS sufferers are like me; I only want one big toe; others would like all their toes to be big. Having said that, I would like one very big toe; for me life will not be normal until I get a toe that is at least a foot long. I have been to surgeons, and they are generally reluctant citing shoe-size problems, but I have found one that will give me my foot-long toe. An organisation and website called has been formed to help BTS sufferers like me, and we are presently lobbying government for welfare assistance………we plan to be the next victim group.

bamac said...

Should you manage to grow that there one big toe and are in the market for a long shoe to fit ... Mercury Energy might just happen to have a spare one ... they show it in their advertisementmrs Mac

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