Monday, August 19, 2013

Lucia Marriage Day? You've got to be kidding.

Stuff: Richard Rawstorn and Richard Andrew are already civil union partners but want to receive the same rights as opposite-sex couples.
Today is the day that New Zealand (in law) no longer recognises real marriage. It's been a long time coming, what with divorce, contraception, the removal of the need to consummate a marriage; and now we have the absurd situation where two men or two women can pretend that they are able to get married, and the State participates in this delusion.

To celebrate this historic occasion, same-sex couples such as Richard and Richard pictured above, are upgrading their civil union to a marriage to get the same rights as male and female couples.  Someone's going to have to break this to them - they don't have the same ability and therefore the right to procreate with each other.  No matter how much they try and take temps and watch for mucous, a little baby Richard will not miraculously appear in one of their tummies.

David Farrar calls today, Marriage Day

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Anonymous said...

What a joke. This country has lost its mind.

Andrei said...

This country has lost its mind.

The western world has lost its mind - this thing is an absurdity

Muerk said...

What the Church needs to do is to reteach about sacramental marriage. We need to speak up and say how and why sacramental marriage is different to the legal definition of marriage. This is the perfect opportunity to show why contraception and divorce are wrong and against God's Will.

We need to not be "of the world" and we need to inculcate Catholic thinking to the next generation who I am sure will face harder challenges than us.

Realistically we lost marriage when contraception and divorce became mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the pearl clutchers clutch their pearls and cry 'oh woes".And yet how, in any meaningful way, does this impact upon your lives.

If you were married yesterday, you are still married today.

If you planned to marry in the future, you can still marry in the future.

Your choices have not changed. Nor have mine.

BUT they have changed for my gay grandson and my lesbian step daughter, and that is A GOOD THING.

Neither of them may desire marriage, I don't know, but at least it is now an option on the table for them. And this harms you how?

just like the poor, the homosexual have always been with us and it is about time they were fully accepted as a part of humanity.

I.M Fletcher said...

LRO, they are fooling themselves and others. 'Gay marriage' is not marriage in any real way. It is like couples playing house much like children do. Marriage is not what the government says it is and it cannot be redefined. It is a reality based on human relationships - on the complementary of the sexes.

If I was to start calling my brother my "sister" that would likewise ignore the reality of what he is and nothing I could do or the law could do would change that.

Matthew said...


unfortunately the piece of paper, which is all the Government can give them through this act does not make them married. Marriage is not just a legal contract, it is societal (read: not just MPs) acceptance of a concept or state of being.

To reflect this last sentence Parliament actually repealed the part of the Marriage Act that said it was illegal to say to someone who was married before this Act was passed was not married. Yes, just saying it. So now we are in the ludicrous situation where you say your relations are married and I can say they are not (and not break the law). You might show their marriage certificate and say 'but they are'. Is that what we have come to, a piece of paper, and two people who disagree, as to your relative's marital status?

Sadly for your relatives, it is a tremendously sad thing, but I have every confidence that one day they will see they have been sold a lie.

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