Saturday, April 18, 2009

Andrei The face that launched 1000 ships? Not likely

Angelina Jolie has been voted the most beautiful woman in the world.

Well she's no Helen of Troy. The Tat in the picture has gone now. It has been replaced by many others since - some of which have also been removed.

Normally I don't even read stories such as that linked above - they are mere fluff.

But it troubles me slightly that a woman who mutilates herself is held up as the epitome of feminine beauty because it will lead the less favored to imitate, which does little to enhance their place in this world and is something I'm sure they will live to regret.

Every generation has its feted beauties of course, most vapid celebrities but a few with more substance, maybe.

Here is a young Bette Davis in a soft focus photograph. Far more feminine than the latest epitome of female beauty, few could argue with that.

She was a great actress too. Good enough to last in the film industry well into her later years when her beauty had long faded.

She is shown on the right in a still from the 1987 film "Whales of August" the last film she ever made.

Bette Davis died in France in 1989 aged 81.

Were Bette Davis a contemporary of Angelina who do you think would get the nod as the worlds most beautiful woman?

It might be fun (but also cruel) to post pictures of great beauties through the ages comparing them in youth with later life and examine their foolish indulgences as their star wanes.

It is also very sad that all that most have to offer is body beautiful and that is a very ephemeral thing.

But there is one image of feminine beauty that transcends all ages, is immortal and almost universally cross cultural. And is also one that many given the chance would suppress.

I wonder why?

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KG said...

I'll readily concede that Angelina Jolie as the world's 'most beautiful woman' is a joke...but c'mon, Andrei!
Bette Davis beautiful?
Nossir. No way.
Now, had you mentioned Julie Christie.....

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