Monday, April 27, 2009

Andrei A minority of one - a Gay female, Breton/Walloon

Here it is - the token gesture from Statistics New Zealand to deal with public concerns over the ethnicity question in the census.

Basically they are not going to change a thing because
Ethnicity statistics are used by government, service providers, and communities to plan and deliver programmes, particularly in the health and social services sectors.
More likely they will be used by grievance mongers to get a bigger slice of the pie for their group.

But if we go down this track why don't we completely tribalize. After all Indians, a recognized ethnicity, are not a homogeneous group nor are those of European ancestry.

Now this slightly related story is very funny, a Waikato University political science student is aggrieved because Hone Harawira has lumped Maori in with 'other minorities' such as "homosexuals and Asians". Which goes to show being a minority is not just a matter of race. It is anything you want it to be or not to be as the case may be.

Anyway I reckon if we tribalize enough, we can solve the problem forever. e.g how many Gay female, Breton/Walloons are there in New Zealand. Probably none if the truth be known but you get the idea, everybody defines themselves in such a way they become a minority of one ie an individual.

Then with everybody defined down to a point of uniqueness, the government would be obliged to treat everybody the same and we would all stand or fall as individuals, which is as it should be in my view.

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PM of NZ said...

Couldn't get a better taxonomy if you tried.

'Other Minorities / Homosexuals and Asians / Maori'

Love it.

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