Monday, August 10, 2009

ZenTiger Amnesty Losing Credibility

Amnesty International make the following claim:

Nicaragua’s total ban on abortions is endangering the lives of girls and women, denying them life-saving treatment...

In reply:

The leadership of Nicaragua has repeatedly made clear that the existing medical code will be respected, which allows lifesaving treatments that could indirectly cause an abortion. But facts and truth are the first casualties in the war against the right to life. Apparently AI will stop at nothing to pressure Nicaragua to change its law, including the manufacturing of evidence.

What Amnesty are actually annoyed about, is that "therapeutic abortions" which were granted for almost any reason, are now banned. The mother's life does have to be in danger. The AI report quotes deaths of maternal mothers, but show me one country in the world where there are not a few deaths from complications in pregnancy. There were 6 such direct deaths in NZ in 2006, and 4 indirect (the year for the latest reported official figures).

The report from Amnesty is riddled with errors.

While simultaneously claiming the criminal penalties did not "fully" go into effect until 2008, the organization claims that 12 women have died whose lives could have been saved by abortions, citing a report by the pro-abortion group Ipas that was finished before Amnesty says the legislation came into effect!

What's more, the same Ipas report doesn't claim 12 women could have been saved if abortion had been available, as AI says. It only speculates that "at least 12 [maternal deaths] could be related to previous pathologies aggravated by the pregnancy...

To top off its selective use of facts, AI mentions several Nicaraguan medical associations that have denounced the new legislation, but doesn't mention that the president of the Nicaraguan Medical Association has openly defended it. Relevant facts seem to slip the mind of Amnesty's pro-abortion leadership.

Another child rape story

AI also fails to mention one of the most important motivating events for Nicaragua's new legal code was the manipulation of the case of a nine-year-old girl, called "Rosita" by the media, who was raped and impregnated in 2002.

Claiming that "Rosita's" life was in danger, despite medical assessments to the contrary, the pro-abortion group Ipas' Central American leader, Marta Maria Blandon, absconded with "Rosita" to Nicaragua, where the child received an abortion, with the enthusiastic support of her stepfather. The abortion was carried out based on the claim that it was "therapeutic," with the three signatures necessary under the law at that time.

Moreover, the abortion had eliminated the evidence of the crime, the DNA of the fetus which could have proven who the real rapist was. Several years later, when Rosita became pregnant again, the truth came out: her stepfather was the culprit. Nicaragua's pro-abortion feminist movement had helped a child molester hide his continuing abuse of his stepdaughter for years, while a Costa Rican man falsely accused by the family was languishing in prison.

Ipas' leadership was also involved in the fabricated case of a woman in Nicaragua who was supposedly in jail for a first trimester abortion. They deceived even the New York Times, which was forced to retract the story after LifeSiteNews exposed the truth: that the woman had given birth in the later stages of pregnancy and had murdered her child outside of the womb.

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Sean said...

"Amnesty Losing Credibility" ??

Slip of the tongue there I'm sure ZT, I think you meant "Amnesty Lost Credibility"

KG said...

Amnesty long ago morphed into a pro-socialist, anti-American organisation.

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