Sunday, August 23, 2009

ZenTiger Another Referendum

The YES lobby were upset that Helen Clark and Labour wasted 9 million dollars by delaying the smacking referendum. The result justifies every dollar.

Now John Key wants to do nothing, but will go through the motions of appearing to do something, anything, but make a change to the legislation.

So lets get another 300,000 signatures (as if the 1 million plus last Friday wasn't enough!) and force another referendum.

This time the question can be something like "does the law need to be changed so that a smack is not illegal?"

When we have the 300,000 signatures we explain to John that he and parliament can stop stuffing around and actually do the job they were elected to do, or HE and NATIONAL waste another 9 million dollars.

However, by the time the signatures have been presented to parliament, and they have dithered over it, it will be just about election time. Does he really want to risk revisiting this at election time? Just imagine the pressure a second referendum question would generate.

If John Key does not listen NOW and change the law, then he risks a second referendum. This time however, the citizens will be voting not just to reverse a badly worded law, but to tell the government they do not appreciate being ignored.

Key better think through his current "strategy" of making no changes to the law.

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Ozy Mandias said...

You are right Zen Tiger. This is a big moment for JK. The very thing that labour did was get cocky and ignore the people that elected them. The same could happen again with National.

What do these plonkers think?? That once they get to Wellington that is the end of the matter for three years and they can do what ever they want and we dont care!!

Cant wait to write to my local MP.I wrote prior explaining my view b4 the vote and his response was to vote and we will see what will happen afterwards. Well we will see what they do now

Big News said...

Zen there are rules surrounding referenda for the same thing twice...

ZenTiger said...

Sure, but if Key thinks the referendum isn't asking for a law change, then an explicit question must surely be allowed.

If on the other hand, he agrees it is asking for a law change, then he looks like an idiot for maintaining there is no reason to make a law change.

Leonidas said...

on the other hand, if we say ok, 54% isn't enough, can we then get MMP (and therefore the melons) turfed?.

Andy Moore said...

ZenTiger, I need to get in touch with you - can you please email me?

ZenTiger said...

Done. I'll take two boxes of the Coconut Rough.

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