Friday, August 14, 2009

Andrei The passing of a legend

If you are a muso then the name Les Paul will be familiar to you.

He is the innovator who set the stage for modern music with the invention of the solid body electric guitar as well multi track tape recording. He accomplished the later by adding extra heads to an existing tape machine.

Mainstays of the modern music industry.

Of course when he played his first version of the electric guitar in public way back in 1942 it didn't look like a guitar but a block of wood with six strings and he looked like a crazy man.

But it sure caught on, especially after he made it look more guitar like.

And after Gibson started manufacturing his guitars in 1952 the stage was set for rock and roll and all that has followed.

Anyway news has just come in that Les Paul has just died aged 94.

Memory Eternal

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Angus said...

I'm the proud owner of a nice '56 goldtop myself. Cheers Les.

Leonidas said...

Now that is a work of art, not some polystyrene iceberg.

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