Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lucia What to say about National?

They are just incredible.

The other day I listened to Nick Smith talking about how NZ'ers weren't bludgers and that we would do our bit to prevent climate change, ie pay more for electricity and petrol.

And then, was it yesterday? I listen to Jerry Brownlee say that NZ'ers were paying too much for electricity based on some commission or investigation of the electricity companies.

Errr.... I thought paying too much for electricity was good. If I listen to the climate change spin. But then it's not good if that overpayment is not tax, ie paid to the UN or some other country who doesn't "pollute" as much as we do.

I just have to thrown my hands up at the stark contrast to the two stories.

Sorry, no links, just getting a quick post off before dinnner!

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