Saturday, August 15, 2009

ZenTiger Maori Dead Accorded More Respect

Two bored 9 year old boys vandalized a local cemetery. The picture in the paper showed a typical cemetery scene, with large traditional tombstones. One was around 5 feet high and in the shape of a cross. Some of the graves had wrought iron fences around them. As I said, a typical cemetery.

Except to the reporter, this one was significantly different. Not just any dead people were buried there, but Maori dead people. So the whole tone of the story took on a new slant.

"Boys smashed up a Maori Cemetery"

..."At first the boys, who are not Maori, did not seem to realise the full impact of their vandalism"

..."They did not understand the gravity of their actions. Maori take this very seriously."

..."The Maori families had starting repairing..."

I'm astounded at the slant on this article. You think a European family would not be upset that a family member's grave stone had been vandalized?

The use of the word "Maori" in this article was unnecessary, and is actually disrespectful to non-Maori to imply only Maori would be upset to see tombstones and flower arrangements vandalized.

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Ozy Mandias said...

That is the beauty of everythion Maori.

Likewise for things in education.
Say a prayer in your local school before a lesson and you risk losing your job.
Call it a karakia and you can say what you like in Maori

Ozy Mandias said...
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MK said...

The more primitive and backwards the culture, the more respect and adoration it is given by the progressives. It's almost as if the progressives hate progress.

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