Friday, August 28, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

I'm having one of those days, made a lot more stressful by lack of sleep.

Why is it that the night I actually manage to go to bed early, I get woken by a catfight outside my bedroom window, have trouble getting back to sleep because my fearless kitten is too scared to go back to sleep on the bed, THEN get woken by an earthquake, which was a bit of a shakeup, but nothing too scary. And then have the kitten wake up early at 5am to get fed, and rather than going outside she wants to play under the bed. Something happened an hour after that as well, whatever it was, it's lost to fog of half-asleepness. I didn't feel the aftershock at 4am, that's once small mercy.

I wonder what will happen tonight if I try to go to sleep early?

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Shem Banbury said...


Perhaps the classic counting sheep. Or try reading a little poetry!
Thunder kept me up this week!!! Thought the house was being attacked by Aliens

homepaddock said...

Don't you hate it when you'r wide awake when you're suppsoed to be asleep then half asleep when you need to be awake.


Lucia Maria said...

Ozy, yes, the thunder! But that wasn't last night, maybe it was the night before?

Hi Homepaddock, yes, definitely. I've also found the more tired I am, the harder it is to get to bed early.

Yesterday and today, I've been going through another radio interview that John Key did on the smacking issue. Very, very enlightening, but it's making me feel ill listening to it over and over again.


Maybe hearing John Boy will help people sleep.
I have found that the lighter mornings are waking me up earlier.
I always sleep better in the winter.
There's nothing like being snug under the duvet.
But spring is certainly here now.
You should pop over to my place and see the spring lambs I saw.

homepaddock said...

Cute lambs, FM. Calving's been underway for a month or so but lambing's only just started down here.


Yes HP, they were rather sweet.
We have had calving up here for a few weeks as well.
I have just started noticing them a lot on the road between here and Kaikohe.
Oh, but you wouldn't believe what I am eating for dinner.
I just saw them in New World and they looked nice and got them without thinking, and they were on special.
Yes, lamb chops! They are under the grill now and will be washed down with the subject of my next blog post.

BTW Where are the No Minister boys today??

I.M Fletcher said...

Try reading a book on Adobe After Effects - that's doing it for me. I shouldn't read books like that in

scrubone said...

I find counting down from 10 to 1 continually helps.

Counting upwards might stimulate the mind - counting the same 10 number bores you to sleep!

Madeleine said...

I have had trouble with sleep this week too but not due to catfigths and earthquakes. Matt has been away in Tauranga; it's always weird adjusting to sleeping without him but then there's been having to do everything myself - cause of my injury, he generally does a lot - so the business of the day added to the pain and exhaustion of doing more than normal really doesn't help. Then there has been little Noah who put himself to bed on Matt's side of the bed most of the week because "with Dad away Mummy can't move me because of her neck" - little toad. He of course wakes up a whole hour earlier than the rest of the house.

Madeleine said...

What I really can't stand is watching some TV program you've been really looking forward to all week and finding yourself nodding off, eyelids closing, so you can't follow the storyline and you miss it. You give up in disgust and head to bed and then you are wide awake for the next 3 hours. Drives me nuts.

Madeleine said...

Are you all asleep?

Madeleine said...

one sheep
two sheep
three sheep
four sheep
five sheep
six sheep
seven sheep
ate sheep

...mmmm roast lamb

Seán said...

Hmmm, I noticed this article:

Israel and Sweden row: Blog wars

...and I wondered if the right-wing blogosphere will take a consistent tone as they did with the Danish Mohammed cartoons, condemning with vigour such acts against free speech. Somehow I think not. Actually I would expect if they can't find a big enough angle to defend Israel in this free speech issue spat, then they will probably stay quiet....

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Madeleine,

I'm sorry I wasn't around when you got here, I ended up going to bed early. Cats woke me up again this morning, this time at 4:30 am. I just put them all outside and closed the window and went back to sleep. Fortunately no cat fights - I think the wandering cats turn up earlier.

I've got my husband away at the moment, too. So, I had to take our 8 year old to the morning soccer game. I'm really glad it was in our local area rather than an hour's drive away.

Neck pain must be awful. Has the operation not helped that much?

Madeleine said...

Matt was back for two days and has gone again tonight.

The neck pain is really awful. The surgery, back in December, has only helped a little. In post-surgery x-rays even I can see that the new discs are not in line with the bones, the surgeon says they settled 2-3mm out from where they should have. I'm finally about to have an MRI to see if them being out is pinching or pushing against the central nerves or if there is anything obvious as to why I still have ongoing severe pain when I should not.

I might attempt some sleep now. Hope yours is restful and cat-fight free!

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