Saturday, August 15, 2009

ZenTiger Clayton Weatherston Appeals

Clayton Weatherston has put in an early appeal, offering shocking new information that the judge agrees puts an entirely different perspective on the killing of Sophie Elliot.

Said Clayton: "As everyone well knows, Sophie was a nice person. And yet I claimed she was not. The reason for this is clear. She was possessed by a devil and I tried to expunge the evil through a loving exorcism. Unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts, she died."

Based on this startling new evidence, the judge was understood to be considering reducing the charge to manslaughter and letting Clayton off with a stern warning.

"Enough damage has been done."

This new defence strategy was the brain-child of Judith Ablett-Kerr QC, who remained unrepentant with this new line of defence.

"Our justice system is an adversarial one, and it is my duty to use every trick in the book, no matter how distasteful. That is why this new line of defence is appropriate, especially now there is precedent. It was my job to ensure we demolished the integrity of Sophie Elliot, and we called into question the reliability of the witness, her mother. It was necessary, so we did it."

"Indeed, any normal person would have probably murdered Clayton and used the provocation defense to justifiably get off. The fact she didn't surely is pause for thought?"

This attitude found no truck with Christchurch Anglican Priest Father Tim Hurd. He said, in a private email to the defence team that her line of defence was "appalling" and "at every point you have subjected Miss Elliott's family to unnecessary and traumatising suffering. I have no vehicle but this to express my lack of respect for your practice."

Defence Team Member Greg King responded strongly: Hurd's "vitriol" showed a lack of understanding of how the criminal justice system worked..."

It's our job to use every underhanded trick in the book, and if that means distressing the Elliot family, then so be it. The fact that Father Hurd used his democratic right to express an opinion, and to put his name to it, and then to send it to us privately is appalling, and quite frankly, distressing.

We should not be subject to such criticism for doing our job. This kind of carry-on has got to stop, and I am glad the judge got stuck into Hurd. You wouldn't see me acting like this outside of the court room, except perhaps to vilify Hurd publicly using the same kind of emotive language for expressing an opinion."

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KG said...

Bloody good post Zen. Spot-on.

KG said...

But...are you sure the 'satire' tag is appropriate?

ZenTiger said...

Merely there for legal purposes KG. Stops Ablett-Kerr from suing me for announcing their appeal strategy early :-)

And as you probably noted, a good portion of the quotes are real. I didn't really have to try that hard on this one.

Psycho Milt said...

If only we could be confident the "Satire" label will remain accurate. These days it wouldn't pay to assume.

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